May 14, 2021

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Tune new executive order | government

Puerto Rico is approaching the mark of the sixth month of alert for Covid-19 infections and the government is preparing to present a new executive order on the curfew. The secretary of the Department of Health, Lorenzo González Feliciano, announced that the return to school is not on the agenda and could not specify when the schools and universities will reopen.

“That will not be on September 17 (the day that face-to-face classes would begin on the Island). There is no way there will be face-to-face classes in Puerto Rico for that date. I have seen what happens in the United States, where every attempt that has been made to start has had to close. My daughter’s school had two days of classes and they were already closing, ”he said in an interview with THE SPOKESMAN. “They opened Thursday and Friday of this week and are closing for two weeks,” he added.

The official could not specify what the new executive order of Governor Wanda Vázquez will be like and said that will be determined in the next two days after meetings with the medical and economic advisory group.

Regarding the party of the Forex company in Morovis y Ciales – in which the provisions for physical distancing and use of a mask were not complied with – he assured that “there is an ongoing investigation and people have been interviewed. We should have more accurate information, but it is working. They contacted people at the airport who were leaving Puerto Rico and there will be prosecution and we will proceed according to the order and the law … but the investigation is being carried out.

Social responsability

González Feliciano once again insisted on the responsibility of citizens to control the contagion with coronavirus. When asked about the government’s responsibility in tackling these infections, he reiterated that they have taken measures such as imposing fines, closing businesses and schools, tracing contacts and conducting nearly 5,000 tests daily.

“That (the increase in cases) has nothing to do with the Secretary of Health. It has to do with social responsibility. If they break the law in front of everyone, they want to look at the government and the Health Department, and I have no problem with them looking at us because they are doing a job that nobody is doing, but there is a social responsibility. Where is social responsibility? ”, Said the official, highlighting the case of a private school that opened its doors for face-to-face classes. “That is not the government. That is the person, in his individual character. When we find out, we are going to close them, “he said.

Health yesterday reported five additional deaths from Covid-19 and 107 new confirmed cases. At the moment, 482 people have died. These are confirmed and probable cases of coronavirus.

Confirmed coronavirus cases are up for 16,788 since March.

“The large number of people who are dying tells us that there is no discipline. People keep coming out, swarming. They expose the old men. If they get infected and get sick, 70% of those who die are over 60 years old. That is why the importance of the mask, the distancing ”, expressed the Secretary of Health.

“We see the situation in Morovis, but what makes me sad is the case of the school in Bayamón. A school with an owner, teachers, fathers and mothers who all agree to violate the executive order, ”he pointed out.

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