June 12, 2021

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Two employees of the municipality of Carolina test positive for Covid-19

The Autonomous Municipality of Carolina today activated the security protocols of COVID-19 after learning of the contagion of two municipal employees. The city council indicated that all the personnel who were in contact with these employees were separated from their work area to initiate a quarantine and also immediately supply the molecular tests to identify the infections. So far, only two employees have tested positive.

The reported cases were in the Finance Department and in the Solid Waste and Recycling Department. All employees who had direct or indirect contact with these employees were separated from their duties and molecular tests were performed. So far, none of the employees has received a positive result.

With these two unique cases confirmed, the municipality remains on alert and reinforcing personal protection measures for both citizens and its workforce.

" It is important to mention that the garbage collection, recycling service and the collection of bulky material will continue to be offered as usual since the pertinent arrangements were made not to affect this important service, ”said Mayor José Carlos Aponte in writing.

The municipality indicated that it continues its educational efforts to guide all citizens on the personal protection measures necessary to avoid contagion, in addition to maintaining a special help line to attend to the particular needs that may arise in Caroline families. as a consequence of COVID-19. The number to call is 787-701-0995.

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