April 19, 2021

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Two individuals are arrested for an incident of damage and aggression against a Public Order Agent

GUAYANILLA – The arrest of two men was reported for an incident of damage to the Hospital Institution and assault against a Public Order Agent and Security Personnel, events that occurred at the Isaías Rodríguez Diagnosis and Treatment Center in Guayanilla.

According to the preliminary information received from the Press Office, two men identified by the Police as, Javier Caraballo Colon, 33 years old and José G. Caraballo Colón, 40, were arrested, since these, according to information offered by the Command Center Personnel, caused damage to the facilities of the aforementioned Hospital Institution and attacked an agent of the Public Order and Security Guards of the VIVALDI Company.

This case is in charge of Sergeant Noemí Pérez of the District of Guayanilla and who will be consulted before a Magistrate of the Ponce Court, during the hours of today, September 15, 2020, for the possible filing of corresponding charges.

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