June 15, 2021

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Two men are shot in Villalba

One of the injured was sharing with a friend near a business

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VILLALBA – Two men were shot in separate incidents Wednesday night and early Thursday morning in Villalba, police reported.

One of the incidents occurred on Highway 563, Mogote sector, near the El Mangoito business in Villalba.

The complainant, José Lugo Hernández, 31 years old and resident of Orocovis, alleged that while he was sharing with a friend on the aforementioned road near a business, someone from inside a motor vehicle in motion and described as a Jeep Wrangler model White in color, he fired several shots at him, wounding him on the left side.

Lugo Hernández was transported by a citizen to the Villalba District Barracks, where the Police made arrangements with Municipal Medical Emergency Paramedics, who transported the injured man to the San Cristóbal Hospital in Ponce.

Lugo Hernández was treated by Dr. Machado, who diagnosed a gunshot wound with a dead-end entry in the left side.

Then, at dawn this Thursday, a call was received from the Orocovis barracks to the Villalba barracks, where they reported a man wounded by a gunshot who arrived at the Orocovis Municipality Hospital and who alleged that he was shot in Villalba.

The wounded man was identified by the Police as Jerry López Hernández, 39, who was treated by Dr. Torres, who diagnosed gunshot wounds in different parts of the body and referred him to the Río Piedras Medical Center.

At the moment the condition of both injured is unknown.

Agent Cottman Rosario of the Ponce Homicide Division conducted the initial investigation of the incident.

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