January 22, 2021

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Two-month-old baby overcomes coronavirus in Mayagüez

A two-month-old baby overcame coronavirus after receiving treatment at the Hospital San Antonio de Mayagüez as reported today by the medical institution.

The hospital indicated that the little one Sebastián Morales Camacho is currently the youngest patient to be treated and cured of COVID-19 in the west of the Island.

Morales Camacho, who comes from the state of Florida and was visiting Puerto Rico, was taken to hospital with fever and after all tests, he tested positive for COVID-19 . He was confined for 14 days, he mentioned the hospital.

Dr. Jaime A. Viqueira Mariani, pediatrician at the Emergency Room, explained that the baby presented fever and irritability for which he was admitted.

Farewell to baby Sebastián Morales Camacho after overcoming the coronavirus at the San Antonio de Mayagüez Hospital.

“Blood and urine culture tests were performed in addition to a lumbar puncture to rule out meningitis, septicemia and or urine infection. With this inflammatory condition, which could have been complicated by an embolism, immediate treatment with anticoagulants was started ”, detailed in written statements Viqueira Mariani, who has been practicing pediatric medicine in the country for 42 years.

, Dr. Ramón Machado, one of the pediatricians who cared for the baby, indicated that despite the concern that he would develop organic multisystemic inflammation, similar to Kawasaki Syndrome, due to the high inflammatory indicators he presented, it was possible to intervene appropriately preventing its complication.

"We were in communication with infectologists and hematologists from the Pediatric University Hospital, who monitored the evolution of the case," said Machado, who has been practicing pediatric medicine for 20 years.

The San Antonio Hospital It has a COVID-19 area with accommodation for five patients, in addition to two pediatric rooms prepared with pressure neg ativa, a system that filters, purifies and eliminates the virus using a vacum and a HEPA air filter ( High-efficiency particulate air) or high-efficiency particle collector, which removes most harmful airborne particles.

Intensive care units have negative pressure isolation rooms, it was reported.

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