June 24, 2021

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Two tropical depressions form in the Atlantic

The Atlantic was activated.

The strong tropical waves that the National Hurricane Center (CNH) in Miami had its eye on due to its high cyclonic potential became tropical depressions.

The first to do so was the tropical wave in the center of the Atlantic, now identified as tropical depression number 17. According to the CNH’s 5:00 am report, it is located at latitude 17.3, longitude 42.1 with maximum winds of 35 miles per hour and a travel speed of 6 miles per hour. It is expected to become a tropical storm today.

As projected by the CNH, the phenomenon would follow a route to the west northwest away from the Caribbean. At the moment it does not represent a threat to any country.

Two tropical depressions in the Atlantic (NHC)

While the second, very close to the coast of Africa, and now identified as tropical depression number 18, is at latitude 15.2, longitude 20.3 moving west at 12 miles per hour and has winds of 35 miles per hour. Like number 17, this system is expected to turn into a storm today.

According to the CNH meteorologists’ forecast, the disturbance would turn into a hurricane in the next few days, however it would do so in open Atlantic waters without threatening land.

If they became a storm, they would bear the names of Paulette and Rene, respectively.

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