April 23, 2021

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Two tropical waves with cyclonic potential move to the Caribbean

As we enter the most active part of the hurricane season, the flow of tropical waves into the Atlantic from Africa increases. Several of them get enough organization to draw the attention of the National Hurricane Center (CNH) in Miami and on Sunday morning we have two of them.

The first is 850 miles east of the Lesser Antilles and It is moving rapidly west at 20 mph.

“This system is expected to move west at about 20 mph over the next few days, and that speed is likely to limit its development as the system approaches Windward Islands and southern Leeward Islands today and Monday … After that time, the system is expected to move more slowly westward through the central and western Caribbean Sea and upper-level winds could be conducive to development during the middle to the last part of this week, ”indicates the 8:00 am CNH bulletin of the tropic prospects.

The second tropical wave just left Africa yesterday and will take several days to arrive to be near the arc of the Lesser Antilles.

“This wave is forecast to move west at 15-20 mph over the next several days, and some development will be possible between mid-week and late-week as conditions environmental conditions become more conducive while the system is over the center of the tropical Atlantic ”, they indicate.

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