March 5, 2021

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Under investigation 105 outbreaks of Covid-19 on the Island | government

The Municipal Case Investigation and Contact Tracing System (Smicrc) published for the first time a more detailed report with the data collected on the behavior of the coronavirus (Covid-19) on the Island.

The report – which corresponds to the period from September 12 to October 2 – details that 154 outbreaks of the virus have been identified, of which 105 are still under investigation, with 1,213 people associated and 535 cases identified.

“Outbreaks, as defined by the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for its acronym in English) and included in this report, are those scenarios where two or more case contacts have demonstrated active infection of Covid-19 as verified by Smicrc ”, reads the report.

The number of closed outbreaks amounts to 49, with 68 initial cases, 181 identified contacts, 163 contacts reached and 95 PCR positive contacts.

Of the 4,166 confirmed cases between September 12 and October 2, Smicrc found that 17% are associated with outbreaks.

On the other hand, there were 41 municipalities that reported an outbreak or more, while nine municipalities reported that there were no outbreaks in the reporting period. Another 28 municipalities did not fill out the report.

Arecibo is the region with the most outbreaks, with 33 open and six closed. The other active outbreaks by region are divided into: Caguas (22), Metro (19), Ponce (13), Bayamón (8), Mayagüez / Aguadilla (7) and Fajardo (3).

Regarding the source of the 49 outbreaks already investigated, the Smicrc reported that 35 (71.4%) occurred in family events, while six (12.2%) occurred in the workplace and another seven (14.3%) occurred in scenarios mixed. One outbreak corresponded to travelers.

“The classification of outbreaks clearly shows that the most common outbreak identified is the familial one. However, it should be noted that this is due more to the ease of determining the epidemiological connection, and does not mean that this scenario is the most contagious for all infections, ”explained Smicrc.

Meanwhile, the most common symptoms among 4,842 Covid-19 patients interviewed by Smicrc are headache, loss of smell / taste, muscle aches, fever and cough. Other reported symptoms include nasal congestion, chills, and shortness of breath.

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