June 13, 2021

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Unemployment claimants do not complete process to extend their benefits | government

Despite the multiple procedures and notifications that the Department of Labor and Human Resources have made through emails, text messages and social networks to the claimants who potentially qualify, they still do not complete the process.

Both procedures are exclusive for unemployment insurance claimants and do not apply to claimants who receive the PUA.

This was stated by the Secretary of Labor, Carlos Rivera Santiago, who reported this afternoon that “in the specific case of claimants who qualify to carry out their extension of benefits for a total of 13 additional weeks, there are about 72,962 cases, while other 29,439 do not. they certify their weeks to receive a retroactive 300 per week that would total 900 dollars. We urge you to handle claims on or before the deadlines (December 26 for PEUC and December 27 for LWA) ”.

“We have been notifying all of these claimants that they are eligible for these programs through our social media, via email, and by sending them text messages on various occasions. We are complying with the regulations and processes that the Federal Government has established to dispose of these compensations, but the claimants must do their part ”, added Rivera Santiago.

In the case of the extension of benefits, the claimant can complete the process completely online, in the section “Claim Subsequent Weeks”, then select “PEUC” and answer the questions regarding the benefit.

Meanwhile, in the case of “LWA” certifications, the claimant only has to enter their social security number and PIN number and mark “certify”.

Both processes can be found in the online services section of our website ”.

“The two processes are extremely simple and accessible to the public, they are processes that do not require assistance from any of our technicians,” said the head of the DTRH.

On the other hand, the secretary explained that the individuals whose unemployment cases present controversial points, or face some kind of problem in the system and have not been able to carry out the LWA certification, as they have not claimed the weeks corresponding to the month of August and the beginning. September, they will be able to complete the “Certification for Eligibility under the“ Lost Wages Assistance ”Program.

“This certification is also available on our website, the claimant must complete it and send it through the uploader,” said the head of the agency.

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