July 30, 2021

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UNESCO celebrates today the International Day Against School Violence and Bullying, including Cyberbullying

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UNESCO has proclaimed the first Thursday of November of each year as the International Day against Violence and Bullying in Schools, including Cyberbullying. With this he seeks to end once and for all with a type of violence that affects the child population worldwide and causes terrible psychological consequences.

This date is an excellent opportunity to delve into a problem that concerns everyone. It is essential to delve into the true causes that lead children and young people to transform themselves into violent and insensitive people towards their fellow men.

If you dream of a better world, there is an obligation to train men and women who value, respect and love life. This, in the long run, will guarantee tomorrow a healthy, peaceful and truly humane society.

You can also be part of this important event by telling your experience, sharing some valuable information or simply giving your opinion on this interesting topic through the different social networks.

Bullying or also known as bullying It is a permanent harassment of one or more people towards a student, where verbal and physical aggressions usually occur and there is no apparent cause for such events to occur.

Unfortunately, school abuse has been increasing in recent years, and many children and young people are victims of these situations and if they are not detected in time, they can have very unfortunate consequences, which can even put their lives at risk.

Although they seem two different terms, bullying and cyberbullying are closely related. What really differentiates them is that the former is done directly in schools and learning centers, while cyberbullying occurs through a computer, cell phone and other technological means.

It is already an undeniable and overwhelming reality, that thousands of children and adolescents suffer psychological and physical abuse on the part of their own classmates on a daily basis, but that they have other scopes such as the Internet and websites and that can cause irreparable damage to both the child, as well as his entire family and social nucleus.

Although it is difficult to fight against an evil that afflicts the world population such as bullying and the so-called cyberbullying, today more than ever, it is imperative to provide our children and young people with tools for life, which allow them to defend themselves against situations that parents, family members, and teachers get out of hand.

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