May 12, 2021

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UNESCO invites to celebrate World Art Day for the third time

Photo: Visualhunt

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) celebrates World Art Day for the third time today.

The celebration was proposed by the International Association of Plastic Arts (AIAP) in 2012, in order to publicize the importance of art and especially creative thinking, for the evolution of human thought and the resolution of problems that afflict humanity; but it was not until 2019 that UNESCO made the date official.

April 15 was chosen for the celebration, since this is the birthday of Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the greatest artists of humanity, who was a painter, sculptor, designer, architect, poet, biologist, etc. considers him the “man of the Renaissance”.

The importance of art is that it is one of the most evolved forms of human expression. Through it, man can express his personal vision of what ails him, interests him or simply seems beautiful to him, by means of plastic, sound or linguistic resources.

Among the many benefits that science has detected on the practice of art from an early age, the most important are:

  • It develops a sensitivity that allows the person to develop a very solid code of ethics.
  • Helps increase concentration.
  • It allows the development of much more complex thought structures.
  • It encourages the development of both individual and group creativity.
  • Promote tolerance.
  • Increases the confidence and self-concept of the individual.

You can join UNESCO in the celebration of World Art Day by sharing your opinion, your works of art or articles on the subject on your social networks using the hashtag #WorldArtDay.

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