June 12, 2021

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UNICEF estimates that around 370,000 children will be born on New Year’s Day worldwide

Photo: EFE / Marta Pérez / Archive

UNITED NATIONS – Unicef ​​estimates that more than 370,000 children will be born around the planet on New Year’s Day, according to the UN organization for the defense and protection of children in a statement, and half of them will come to the world in just ten countries, including India, China and Nigeria.

According to their forecasts, 371,504 babies will be born on the first day of 2021, of which almost 60,000 will be born in India, about 35,600 in China and more than 21,400 in Nigeria.

In addition, 14,161 will do so in Pakistan, 12,336 in Indonesia, 12,006 in Ethiopia, 10,312 in the US, 9,455 in Egypt, 9,236 in Bangladesh and 8,640 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The organization also predicts that in all of 2021 140 million children will be born, and their average life expectancy will be 84 years.

“Children born today arrive in a world very different from a year ago, and a new year brings new opportunities to reinvent it,” said the executive director of Unicef, Henrietta Fore, who also recalled that in 2021 the organization will turn 75 years of life.

“Over the past 75 years, during conflicts, displacement, natural disasters and crises, UNICEF has been there for the children of the world,” said Fore, who assured that the organization “renews its commitment to protect children, defend their rights, and make sure their voices are heard, no matter where they live ”.

The statement also notes that Unicef ​​will celebrate its three-quarters of a century of life with various events and announcements throughout 2021, and recalled that this year it launched the “Reimagine” campaign, a global effort to try to prevent the pandemic of the Covid-19 to become a lasting crisis for children.

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