August 1, 2021

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Unions ask candidates for elective positions to sign the Proposal for a better country

Puerto Rico – A large group of labor unions today asked the candidates for elective positions in front of the State Elections Commission (CEE) to sign and commit to the Proposal for a better country prepared by the unions.

“The Puerto Rican workers, through the union representatives that appear here, have wanted to expose the issues that we consider pertinent to be discussed during the present electoral period and which we wish to become the foundation of the new society to which we aspire to be begin to build after the inauguration of the new government in January 2021. We have sent our Proposal for a better country to the vast majority of candidates for elective positions. We have also requested each of them to sign a commitment document with it, “they explained.

The union representatives of the General Union of Workers (UGT), Federation of Teachers, UNETE, Central Puerto Rican of Workers, Solidarity Union Movement, Central Federation of Workers, UTIER, Prosol-UTIER, Puerto Rican Association of University Professors, Puerto Rican Union of Workers, EDUCAMOS , Frente Amplio de Camioneros, Brotherhood of Non-Teaching Exempt Employees (Heend), Puerto Rican Federation of Workers, UIASAL, UITA, United Steelworkers detailed that the Proposal for a better country examines in a very specific way and proposes in a concrete way measures to attend punctually Health, Education, the Retirement System, Labor Rights, Sustainable Development, an effective Citizen Participation, the issue of Corruption, Public Debt, Integral Development of Women, Human Rights and the Political Status of the Island.

“In each of these areas, we present alternatives that are perfectly viable and whose consideration and approval will allow us to live in a more just society, will lay the foundations for a true social transformation, and will allow each Puerto Rican family a higher standard of living. The seventeen unions that have signed the Proposal for a better country represent a total of 200,000 workers who expect from their elected officials sensitivity to their living and employment conditions, transparency in public execution and true commitment to achieving a better Port Rico ”, they added.

They pointed out that the unitary effort of the Labor Movement is the result of a deep reflection on the Puerto Rican reality, the recognition of the need to insert as a class in the country’s political process, transcending the political-partisan divisions that divide and the awareness of the necessary transformation and possible from the country.

“The workers have made the best effort to carry our message to the largest number of candidates for political positions who participate in the electoral process. Many have answered in the affirmative, however, many others have kept silent. A good number of these who remain silent have been responsible for the approval of laws that undermine our rights as workers, leave us without retirement, without negotiated wage increases, freeze collective bargaining in economic articles, allow the privatization of public services giving rise to unjustified dismissals, and significantly reduce the accumulated days of our vacation and sick leave, among other benefits and acquired rights ”, they pointed out.

They insisted that the silence of the politicians says more than a thousand words and shows that they will not change what they have done for years.

In the same way, they added that the Fiscal Control Board must be very clear that they are going to defend, with all their energy, the right of the people to receive quality services from the government, which is impossible today due to the lack of resources. and the necessary personnel.

“We energetically reject the intention of the Dictatorial Board to pay bondholders with the money of our old people and throwing thousands of workers out on the streets. It is time for them to begin to take their toll on those truly responsible for the crisis. The political class must be very clear that this effort does not begin or end with the vote on November 3. Our recognition of the relevance of the struggle we have undertaken is aimed at going much further than the simple casting of a vote, ”they emphasized.

“Our action will continue for the next four years, making the country’s leaders aware that this agenda must be fully completed in order to be satisfied. That we are going to be vigilant and militant until we achieve the objectives that we have signed and which we will continue to expose until we achieve a country project. Puerto Rico deserves no less.

We urge all workers to use this proposal as a criterion when casting their vote for candidates for governor and legislature. The proposal will be available to the country on all the internet pages of the subscribing unions ”, they concluded.

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