November 30, 2020

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Unions manifest themselves in the first message of Wanda Vázquez – NotiCel – The truth as it is – News about Puerto Rico – NOTICEL

Leaders from various unions demanded better working conditions during the pandemic.

Protesters arrived at the Center for Fine Arts in Santurce to express their discontent with the management of Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced.

Photo: Pablo Venes [19659004] “Hurricane, tremor, pandemic; the government the people are pressing ". "There is no government that can stand it, when a people goes for it"

At the sound of slogans of struggle and resistance, dozens of protesters from various union unions took their complaint to the Santurce Fine Arts Center, where the governor, Wanda Vázquez Garced offered his first Message of State and Budget.

The group of organizations occupied a lane on Avenida Ponce de León and made their complaints using masks to avoid contagion with COVID-19, while inside, In the Antonio Paoli festival hall, politicians and guests took their place, keeping the physical distance that life imposes in times of pandemic.

The spokesman for the Socialist Movement of Workers and Workers (MST), Ricardo Santos Ortiz, regretted that While the governor spoke out and made political promises, thousands of people were still waiting for unemployment payments.

“To give contracts to friends of the soul, she does it in 24 ", He stated as the afternoon fell in the Santurcino neighborhood.

In passing, the lawyer recorded his rejection of the appointment of the secretary of the Department of Labor and Human Resources, Carlos Rivera Santiago, whose appointment the Senate approved a few hours before the speech by Vázquez Garced.

“We believe that this was a very ill-advised and insensitive appointment. Administratively, he has no experience with the Department of Labor and we denounce him as racist, classist and incompetent, "he said.

The demonstration, which took place without incident, took place just below a digital fence, which promoted the primarista candidacy for the Vázquez Garced governorate. The former Secretary of Justice and former Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi will meet in the primaries, which will be held on August 9.

“Let's make a difference. Governor 2020 ", read the advertisement, which the president premiered as a preamble to her message.

" In recent months, Wanda Vázquez has shown that she likes to do monologue theaters where she is the only one who speaks, where she does not There is no one to question him and the press cannot be there. And that is why he chose the Fine Arts Center, the emblematic place where the theaters of this country are made, "said Santos Ortiz.

He alleged that the message will lack concrete economic proposals. "There is not going to be one of economic development, it is not going to give an incentive to the local economy so that the money stays here, none of that is going to happen." is that the government is going to distribute all federal funds during this pandemic process, "Santos Ortiz sentenced in the line of demonstration guarded by a high police presence.

He added that public employees are" defenseless "in their area of He denounced that at the moment there is no active educational policy on appropriate practices to prevent contagion in the workplace.

Emilio Nieves, spokesperson for Join and Educate, summoned the governor and the president of the Senate, Thomas Rivera Schatz , to give way to House Bill 2434, which paralyzes cuts to public sector pensions, in rejection of the austerity measures proposed by the Fiscal Control Board.

Nieves also denounced that, just under a month pa For the restart of classes, the Secretary of the Department of Education, Eligio Hernández has not established a plan to carry out coronavirus tests on teachers and students.

The protest was also attended by agents of the Center for the Collection, Analysis and Dissemination of Criminal Intelligence (CRADIC) who recorded the protesters. Said act, according to the lawyer Mariana Nogales, of the Solidarity Legal Brigade.

While outside the voices of protests resounded, inside the governor announced a salary increase for directors and teachers, among a long list of promises.


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