March 7, 2021

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United States Fears Meat Market Damage After China's Ban

Nebraska – The decision of China to ban the importation of poultry meat at a plant in Tyson Foods where an outbreak of coronavirus emerged ] raised fears that there will be similar measures against other food facilities in the United States.

The Chinese authorities gave no indication that they will repeat the ban against the facility in Springdale, Arkansas. The Asian country imposed a similar ban on a pork meat plant in Germany where several workers tested positive for COVID-19, but has not taken action against other US meat plants where the workers have become ill.

Jim Sumner, president of the Association of Exporters of Chickens and Eggs of the United States, assured that the decision will not affect the relationship with China, which has been improving following a new trade agreement signed at the beginning of the year.

"I hope that this does not mean anything, "said Sumner.

" If it is limited to a single factory, it will not have a great impact, but we do not know what will happen, "he added.

A spokesman for the Department of Agriculture The United States stated Monday that there is no evidence that the virus was transmitted through food or packaging.

"This measure taken by the Chinese government is totally unjustified," said Tim S uper, spokesman for the Poultry Products Council.

Sumner noted that transporting meat from the United States to China takes so long that it is almost impossible for any particle of the virus to survive that long.

"This is not it spreads by eating meat, "Sumner explained.

" Also, meat freezes and spends 30 days in a container on its journey to China, so zero chance that a virus will survive frozen meat in a ship's container, being transported to the other side of the world, "he added.

Tyson's spokesman, Gary Mickelson, stated that the company is confident that its products are healthy, and expressed hopes that the issue will be settled in negotiations between the two countries. .

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