July 30, 2021

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University groups ask that Jorge Haddock leave the presidency of the UPR

Nine organizations representing the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) they saw with good eyes departure of Walter Alomar and Zoraida Buxó of the Governing Board of the institution, however, demanded that Jorge Haddock desist from presiding the institution.

Alomar and Buxó, who served as president and vice president of the Governing Board, left their positions last week after their appointments expired on April 20. Both waited for the governor’s decision Wanda Vazquez, who eventually rescinded them.

As denounced today by university groups of workers, teachers and retirees, Alomar and Buxó left a history of constant confrontation with the university community, in addition to their support for cuts in the Fiscal Oversight Board.

“As a university community, today we demand that the members of the Governing Board behave at the level demanded by the times in defense of the first educational center in the country. Today they receive a UPR of 11 precincts. His ministerial duty is to defend it and to ensure that the funds and the budget allocation formula are restored. They must reject changes to the retirement plan and must respect the university culture with their institutions”, The spokesmen demanded at a press conference in front of the UPR tower in Río Piedras.

“Haddock does not represent the best interests of the university community. We cannot trust a president who did not face the cuts because he considered them ‘manageable’. Haddock has no place at the University, he has to leave and with him, everyone who has endorsed the destruction of our town’s university”They claimed.

Haddock chairs the UPR with a salary of $ 240,000 annual after negotiating with Buxó an increase. Along these lines, the organizations recalled that the justification for dispensing the salary “was to get external funds and at this point no one has collected any fleece.”

“Workers are not mere accessories or support personnel as Haddock believes. We are an integral and indispensable part in the operation of the University ”, they stressed.

Call to the aspirants to the governorship

The representatives of the groups also asked the candidates for the governorship a commitment that does not remain in empty campaign promises.

“The six applicants must know that our university community and our extended family are passing judgment on their proposals and that evaluation will be reflected when they go to the polls. We claim a real commitment. We deserve a governor who stands up against the cuts of the Board and demands the restitution of the formula in the budget, which declares the UPR an essential service, the rest is demagoguery”They warned.

The organizations present at the press conference were the UPR Retirees Association, the UPR Retirement System Board, the Brotherhood of Non-Teaching Exempt Employees (Heend), the Heend Retirees Chapter, the Puerto Rican Association of University Professors, the Association of Professors of the University Campus of Mayagüez, the Association of Supervisors and Managers of the UPR, the Labor Federation of Employees of the University Campus of Mayagüez and the Union of Workers of the UPR.

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