May 15, 2021

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University students denounce justice scheme against them | PRESENT

Five university students, who are going through a judicial process of the cross for having fought against the reduction of 241 million dollars in the budget of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) and the increase in the cost of tuition, denounced that after three years are still subjected to a judicial process.

The students Verónica Figueroa Huertas, Thaliangelly Torres González, Francisco Santiago Cintrón, Randiel Negrón Torres and Gabriel Díaz Rivera assured that the accusations launched against them have their origin in the UPR student strike in 2017, while the police wasted resources to maintain a systematic portfolio of youth through social networks.

By accusing the Department of Justice of double standards in persecuting students, while putting off acts of corruption , such as the attempt to appropriate 40 million dollars in the acquisition of tests for Covid-19 with two companies linked to figures of the New Progressive Party (PNP).

They established that the prosecution has not lifted a finger to investigate the looting of public funds that was evidenced in the infamous Telegram chat of then-governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares and his so-called Blue Manada.

“Almost three years after Hurricane Maria, that same Department of Justice has not said a word about those responsible for holding up the supply wagons and this year's earthquakes; And as if that were not enough, it has not invested resources in investigating and taking action against María Milagros Charbonier and Nelson Del Valle, representatives of the PNP accused by the federal government of corruption and participating in the ghost employee scheme, ”the students said in a press conference in front of the UPR tower

They warned that “in all these instances, Wanda Vázquez Garced has been Secretary of Justice or Governor, all these investigations remain open or shelved. We have no doubt that behind this double standard and inconsistency lies the intention to criminalize those who fight for a better country and a selective attempt to accuse those who assume representation positions ”, argued the students of the UPR.

The five young people explained that “before the possibility of a trial against us or the unjustified postponement of the proceedings and before the moral duty as citizens to denounce the abuses that are committed every day in our country, we denounce and we condemn the lists created by the Department of Justice, where thousands of people's names appear on Facebook with their identification number. ”

“ We call for tomorrow to participate in an act of denunciation on social networks, that the press demands the delivery of the lists and to always fight the injustices of this country head on and by all means. Today and we will always continue to fight ”, the students proclaimed.

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