June 11, 2021

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Unpublished birth of triplets that test positive for coronavirus in Mexico

Mexico – Newborn triplets tested positive for coronavirus in the central Mexican state of San Luis Potosí, as reported by state health authorities on Monday, who described this case as “unpublished” .

“This unprecedented situation occurred, from the scientific point of view, where triplets were identified, they were born on June 17 and their tests of Polymerase Chain Reaction were confirmed ( PCR, on Saturday), "said Miguel Ángel Lutzow Steiner, Public Health Minister of the State Government, at a press conference.

He explained that the babies were diagnosed after applying the test by protocol and resulting positive for SARS-CoV-2.

The official asserted that two of the little ones, who were born prematurely, are stable and one has a principle of "respiratory illness" and therefore receives medical attention. [19659007] The also spokesperson for the state Health Safety Committee stated that this case is unprecedented in the world since since the start of the pandemic, contagion in multiple births had not been detected so this fact will be subject study of said committee.

He commented that babies are kept isolated and under strict review and care like any other newborn that carries the virus and assured that the Central Hospital of the state, where they are cared for, has extensive experience in treating such delicate cases.

The state secretary of health, Mónica Liliana Rangel Martínez, explained that they will analyze the contagion route, since it could have been through the placenta.

Rangel Martínez pointed out that this is the second case of newly born who test positive for coronavirus in San Luis Potosí “and it would be impossible for them to have been infected just at the time of birth.”

While the other child who tested positive “had two days he was born when the tests were done. "he added.

Lutzow Steiner said that the parents of the triplets are hospitalized in the Central Hospital because they are suspected cases of coronavirus, but they have already been tested and In 24 hours the result will be announced.

As of this Monday, they reported, in San Luis Potosí, there are 11 confirmed cases of children under the age of one who tested positive for coronaviruses, most of whom are under six months old. [19659007] According to data from the Ministry of Health, the coronavirus in Mexico has already accumulated 185,545 cases and 21,825 deaths since the first case occurred on February 28 .

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