July 28, 2021

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UPR-Carolina Hospital urges patients to resume their appointments

In order to keep patients requiring medical follow-up healthy, as well as the general population in the country, the Hospital UPR-Dr. Federico Trilla de Carolina calls on citizens to reschedule and resume their follow-up appointments at the institution .

“It is very important that our patients are aware of the importance of attending to their health conditions, following up on medical appointments, and performing required procedures on time. At the UPR-Dr. Federico Trilla has a strict security protocol before COVID-19 and we are ready to receive and safeguard the protection of our patients and visitors, ”said Diraida Maldonado, Executive Director of the Hospital UPR-Dr. Federico Trilla.

Lawyer Maldonado highlighted that, “as part of the measures we are taking, screening in all areas of access in the hospital with taking temperature to detect symptoms of the virus. The patient and / or visitor must wear face masks at all times, as well as comply with physical distance protocols of not less than 6 feet from each person. In turn, we have security measures, labeling and physical barriers in the clinical units for the protection of staff and visitors. We tested all admitted patients for COVID-19 symptoms before performing surgical procedures. As well as the implementation of strict isolation practices to separate COVID-19 patients from the emergency room. ”

According to Dr. Carlos Fernández Sifre, Medical Director of Hospital UPR-Dr. Federico Trilla, “it is important that patients continue to attend their medical appointments, especially those patients who suffer from chronic conditions such as: Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, etc. Similarly, to the general population that our emergency room is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that they are not afraid to attend it, under any circumstance. ”

Those interested in obtaining More information about the health services offered by the hospital can call 787-757-1800 extension 411, 418 or directly at 939-301-1611, and they can visit the official website www.hospitalupr.org .

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