April 17, 2021

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UPR is going through problems with institutional emails

The University of Puerto Rico is experiencing problems with institutional emails in the midst of the migration from Google to Microsoft which has generated countless complaints from the university community.

The most recent stumbling block is that the teachers' emails reach the “spam” mailbox, which makes communication with university students difficult.

“ATTENTION !!! All students should check the SPAM of their institutional email ( http://upr.edu ) to access the messages of their teachers and members of the Administration ”, indicated the Campus of Río Piedras through its Twitter account.

Primera Hora received an email from a professor at the Mayagüez University Campus (RUM ) in which he asked the students to notify if they had received the communication.

"What I do ask you is to know if you received this message since with the migration of mail this summer, there were some problems", read the 'email'.

Email from a professor at the Mayagüez Campus of the UPR

The RUM and the Río Piedras Campus will begin the university semester next Monday, August 17. [19659002] However, this is not the only complaint about the process. Other teachers on social networks have denounced that they lost all their mailing lists, so they had to redo them again, entering the addresses one by one.

“We continue with the #DesastreMicrosoftUPR. I can't find any of the contact groups I created. Now I am going to have to redo them (they are hundreds of contacts that were grouped together) but I find myself in groups created by others! ”wrote Mayra Vélez Serrano professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Río Piedras.

To this message, Rosario Rivera Negrón professor of the UPR system and Past president of the Puerto Rico Economists Association, added another problem.

“I add to this #MicrosoftUPR Disaster that in MS Teams I cannot add all the students in their groups because NOT ALL APPEAR. Disaster after disaster ”he stated on his Twitter account.

Given the“ security flaws in the migration to Microsoft ”, the graduate student representative before the Governing Board of the UPR, Jorge L. Rivera Velázquez sent a letter to the secretary of the United States Department of Education, Betsy DeVos, to explain his "concern.

"I hope that the @UPR_Oficial takes action on the matter beyond making complaints" he indicated.

Last Tuesday, the institutional mailings of the Cayey unit received several threatening messages and political propaganda.

Given this, the rector Glorivee Rosario Pérez indicated in a circular letter to the university community that They filed a complaint at the Cayey police station.

“This, with the purpose that the corresponding authorities investigate, process and take to the last consequences those responsible for improperly intervening with the email account of the Rectory, Academic Affairs and Financial Assistance … We emphatically reject and repudiate these actions, ”he said.

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