August 1, 2021

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UPR opens online admission applications for August 2021

The University of Puerto Rico (UPR) announced today the start of the online admission process for the next academic semester that begins in August 2021.

This process will be available until January 29, 2021 through the link

“Starting today, every fourth-year high school student interested in studying at the first teaching center in Puerto Rico has the opportunity to complete the online application for admission through the portal The process is very simple, accessible and agile for young people who aspire to continue building their future at the best university on the island and one of the most outstanding internationally “, said the vice president of Student Affairs of the UPR, Jose Perdomo, in written statements.

For her part, the director of the UPR Admissions Office, Ivonne Calderon, explained that, “when filling out the application, Applicants may choose up to three academic programs, which must be selected in order of preference. The three options can be chosen in the same room or in different units. In this way, the chances of being admitted will be greater ”.

In addition to the admission application, in the portal you will find information about the academic offer of the UPR, links to all the campuses and units, the contacts of the Admission officers, answers to frequently asked questions at the beginning of university life, as well as calendar of important dates and events.

“In the historical context in which we find ourselves, we are tempering the entire process to the needs of the students. The members of the UPR Admissions offices are ready and available to guide students and their families so that the admission application process is totally satisfactory and meets the expectations of those who see the university as the best option. We are supportive and available to help students who have suffered the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage everyone to submit their study request on time, ”added Calderón.

Dr. Perdomo stressed that “all qualified students who meet the admission requirements will be admitted once their application has been completed and evaluated. Meanwhile, those who are in the margin of compliance with the requirements will be part of a waiting list and will have the opportunity to request reconsideration ”.

“From the University of Puerto Rico we continue working to provide access to the education of excellence that characterizes the main teaching and research center on the island. In the historical context in which we find ourselves, we have made transcendental changes to ensure that university students enjoy the unique and great experience that the UPR offers them ”, indicated the president of the institution, Jorge Haddock, who was confident in being able to resume classes in person in August of next year.

“The well-being of our university community is and will always be our priority. To the extent that the Government of Puerto Rico authorizes it and taking into account the situation of the island in terms of health and safety, We hope to return to the face-to-face mode in August, maintaining our academic offer online. We will be making an announcement in a timely manner, ”the president pointed out.

Haddock urged you to tune in to the special UPR Live broadcasts, which the institution carries out through social networks. It is a series of virtual interactive meetings focused on guiding high school and adult students about the wide, unique and varied academic offer offered by the main educational center on the island.

“We will continue to have a presence in different virtual events to promote the excellent academic offer of our eleven campuses,” said the university president. “We are committed that the UPR continues to be the first alternative for students when selecting the university of their choice. We have the leadership and support of the entire university community “, he expressed.

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