July 30, 2021

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UPR postpones extraordinary meeting where they would choose their new interim president

The Governing Board of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) indefinitely postponed the extraordinary meeting of today, Wednesday, in which they were preparing to elect the new person who will occupy the interim presidency of the first educational center in the country.

The conclave, which was called for 4:00 in the afternoon, had been advanced. According to the president of the governing body, Emilio Colón Beltrán, the calendar established that the committee in charge of evaluating the presidential candidates would present their recommendations on Friday, July 23.

“Attention Community #UPR The extraordinary meeting is postponed. We will keep you posted on future actions. Nice afternoon”, reported at 5:30 in the afternoon the student caucus – made up of the undergraduate representative, Eliud Rivas Hernandez, and the graduate representative, Jorge Rivera Velazquez– through your Twitter account.

The still president of the public university system, Jorge Haddock, was officially dismissed by the governing body on July 8, in part, due to problems with the accreditations of some educational programs. He will end his functions on July 31, the date by which it is expected that there will be an elected interim president.

Colón Beltrán summoned for today’s meeting: the vice president of the Governing Board, Mayda Velasco Bonilla; the cloistered representative Margarita Villamil Torres; the graduate student representative, Jorge Rivera Velazquez; the undergraduate student representative, Eliud Rivas Hernandez; the acting secretary of the Department of Education, Eliezer Ramos Parés; the representative of the Financial Advisory Authority and Fiscal Agency (Aafaf), Manuel Gonzalez del Toro; Leonardo Valentin Gonzalez; Jorge Valentin Asencio; Antonio Monroig Malatrassi; Ricardo Dalmau Santana, Herman Cestero Aguilar Y Alejandro Camporeale World.

According to the call, some members were going to be participating in the conclave in person; while others will do so virtually, to comply with the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“In accordance with the powers conferred on the Chairman of the Board by virtue of subsection (A) of Article 8 of the Interim Regulations of the Governing Board of the UPR, the meeting will be held using the” Zoom “videoconference medium and will be broadcast online, in accordance with Law 159-203, as amended, ”the document reads.

The person selected must be a professor at the UPR.

The committee in charge of evaluating the candidates was formed on July 9 and is made up of: Colón, Velasco Bonilla, Monroig Malatrassi, Margarita Villamil Torres and Eliud Rivas Hernández.

First, the committee evaluated the Curriculum vitae of each of the people who were nominated and were summoned to a first interview. Based on these two criteria, they made a shortlist of candidates who went on to a second interview. From among that group, they chose the candidates who were recommended to go to the evaluation of the full Governing Board so that the body determines who will be the interim president.

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