November 28, 2020

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UPR promotes business creation with free online courses

Online training series begins this week

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San Juan – In search of experiences that promote business development within the university community, the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) will begin this week a series of online trainings that include, among other topics, the creation of successful business plans and projects , intellectual property, entrepreneurship and the creation of emerging companies, the president of the century-old institution, Dr. Jorge Haddock, reported on Monday.

“Contributing to the economic and social development of the Island, as well as encouraging students to develop skills that contribute to their communities is a fundamental part of the mission of the University of Puerto Rico. As part of our academic transformation, we are strengthening the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in our university community and offering the best resources of the institution at the service of our communities. We encourage our students, and those interested in developing their own businesses, to participate in this cycle of seminars, “said Haddock in a written statement.

The online class program -which is also free- is one of the efforts of the UPR in the Global Entrepreneurship Week, a global initiative that is celebrated, together with international organizations and institutions, from November 16 to 20 and in the that professors and specialists from the 11 campuses and units have organized different activities sponsored by the Vice-Presidency for Academic Affairs and Research, led by Dr. Ubaldo Córdova Figueroa.

“For the past two years we have started a series of strategies to expand innovation and entrepreneurship activities at the UPR. We created a working group with links in all our campuses and developed a map of assets that will facilitate collaboration, cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and connect our students with opportunities throughout Puerto Rico. This week we celebrate not only the achievements we have achieved, but also the success of the collaboration between the campuses in this important agenda for individual development, of the local and global economy, ”said Córdova Figueroa.

The virtual experience will allow participants to establish professional contacts, develop knowledge in policies, research, networks, communities and more relevant programs in relation to the economy, the ecosystem, culture, geography, among others.

In this way, the UPR joins the Global Entrepreneurship Week movement, a platform of projects and programs that, since 2008, unites thousands of people through 20 thousand organizations and educational institutions, in more than 180 countries, with the aim of make it easier for anyone, anywhere in the world, to start a business, explained Dr. José L. Ayala Pérez, director of the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

To learn more about the events included in the Global Entrepreneurship Week, as well as the calendar, those interested can visit this link: UPR Global Entrepreneurship Week

As part of the work plan, established by President Haddock, the UPR has various programs underway to support the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of the communities and of Puerto Rico, including the creation of educational projects in entrepreneurship and obtaining new external funds for efforts such as the UPR Ponce Smart HUB, which promotes economic development in the southern zone.

Likewise, the UPR established the iCorps Site, which helps develop businesses through the use of technology.

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