August 1, 2021

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UPR will train public school teachers in bilingual education

Photo EFE / Thais Llorca

SAN JUAN – The University of Puerto Rico (UPR) will offer online a professional certification in bilingual education to teachers of the Department of Education (DE) that includes 18 university credits or 270 contact hours in graduate courses in English, reported this Sunday the president of the institution university, Dr. Jorge Haddock.

“Through this alliance, the University of Puerto Rico extends its mission to transform education in the island’s public education system. Through the training of teachers, with the support of our distinguished faculty, the UPR strengthens the learning of children and youth, while contributing to the social and educational development of Puerto Rico. We will continue to promote these initiatives with the Department of Education to promote teacher development. Our resources are always at the service of the island, “Haddock said in a written statement.

The online academy, which began in October and will be run by professionals from the Río Piedras Campus, is divided into six graduate courses of 3 credits each and will run until July 2021. The project began, in this first phase, with teaching staff of the Mayagüez educational region and its objective is to establish professional certification for teachers of schools specialized in bilingualism. In this way, students maximize their academic achievement and, in turn, teachers benefit from graduate education opportunities.

“This program is part of the alliance between the UPR and the DE for the professional development of our teaching staff. The University of Puerto Rico is an ally in the search for continuing education opportunities for all our teachers and also collaborates with the education of students in various initiatives that we have developed. Despite the pandemic, we achieved this training that will strengthen the English skills of the participants. We will continue to identify alternatives that strengthen the education of the members of the school communities, ”said the Secretary of Education, Eligio Hernández Pérez.

The vice president of Professional and Distance Programs of the UPR, Lisa Nieves Oslán, explained that in the professional certification teachers will receive education on the following topics: the role of the Puerto Rican historical and cultural experience in bilingual and bicultural education; Teaching methods for bilingual education, linguistics, and the teaching of English reading to bilingual and bicultural children, as well as methods for teaching modern English grammar and composition: techniques and materials.

“Through this initiative, the University of Puerto Rico, once again, makes its resources available to the island in order to enhance the learning experience of our children in the public education system. This project opens the gap to expand this type of collaboration between the UPR and the DE. We appreciate the trust placed in the main educational center ”, indicated Nieves Oslán.

The Vice Presidency of Professional and Distance Programs of the UPR and the Professional Development Institute of the DE, administered by Dr. Damarys Varela, develop other professional certifications with university credits for teachers of the public system.
In November, other online academies will also begin aimed at reinforcing teacher practices in physical education and technology. For the next semester, Nieves and Varela announced, more than 25 professional development events are planned for the teaching and non-teaching staff of Education.

“For us, as the oldest and most emblematic campus of the University of Puerto Rico, it is an honor to be a fundamental part of this initiative that demonstrates, once again, the immense relevance and importance that the main center of higher education in the country has for the present and future of our land; on this occasion, as a resource for teachers of the public system to develop skills that complement their tools to continue working on the formation of our childhood, which is where the best bet for the future of our society is, “said, while, the rector of the Campus from Río Piedras, Dr. Luis A. Ferrao.

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