April 11, 2021

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Urge public employees to return to workplaces | government

The Secretary of the Interior Noelia García warned that they will seek to “reactivate” public employees who continue to work remotely, despite the fact that it is assumed that a large part of the government agencies are already offering face-to-face services.

At a press conference today after a meeting between Governor Pedro Pierluisi and several agency heads, García urged public employees to return to the workplace. The government has not specified how many employees still work remotely or how many have already reported to its offices.

When asked if it will be a priority to vaccinate these public employees, Garcia spoke that agencies must be prepared to maintain due distancing and protect employees and visitors.

“As far as the vaccine occurs, we have to follow the rules of distancing, cleaning and sanitation and prevention. Any employee with a health condition that may be at risk, who submits their health certificate and is evaluated ”, he declared.

He assured that, so far, the Department of Education has not received a single request for sick leave due to the reopening of schools. This, after organizations such as the Teachers Association warned that “hundreds” of teachers were preparing to avail themselves of these licenses before the imminent reopening of public schools.

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