May 12, 2021

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Urgent to prepare in time for hurricanes

In keeping with the hurricane season –which started on June 1–, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO) announced that the new Guarantee Regulation for Electric Generators is now available, which seeks to guide the consumer earlier, during and after making the purchase of said product.

DACO’s secretary, Carmen Salgado, told EL VOCERO that, “it was a project that we had pending since Law 107-2019 was approved, and we wanted to make sure that it was available before the 2020 hurricane season began, which ends on November 30. ”

He assured that this regulation seeks to avoid deceptive practices regarding the sale of the product classified as essential for natural threats . Likewise, it seeks to give greater clarity to the consumer in matters such as: what is a guarantee, what is the coverage, rights charged to the client, protocols to order the repair of the article and on the process to be followed by the researchers of the Department – in As for the inspections – when claims are presented for the guarantees regarding the articles.

On the other hand, the executive explained that if a storm warning were issued, DACO will make an amendment to the current price freezing order to cover and add items relevant to the emergency.

“The DACO plan indicates that a price freeze order must have been issued no less than 90 hours before the arrival of the hurricane. Contrary to previous years, this season, we already have an order in force for some essential items, for the Covid-19 and earthquakes. To ensure that we can respond appropriately to the consumer, as soon as the threat of an atmospheric phenomenon is announced, cisterns, generators, materials for storm shutters, among others related, will be integrated into the current order, “explained the owner.

It should be noted that the current order covers the freeze for the price of food, disinfectant products and essential items corresponding to the health emergency, as well as the gross profit margins for the price of fuel.

“These items will remain frozen if announced a storm, just like camping items, that with recent experience in hurricanes and earthquakes we have seen are essential in times of need, “Salgado emphasized.

After the emergencies that have arisen since the beginning of the year, DACO has required businesses selling fuel and basic necessities, submit reports on the supplies available so that In case of a new emergency, consumers can obtain their supplies without problems.

On the other hand, the Secretary urged consumers to prepare in advance. “I am sure that with Hurricane Maria (2017) we all learned not to wait for the hurricane warning or announcement, 48 hours or a day after arriving in Puerto Rico, because that moment is critical. Putting off purchasing supplies will make it more difficult to buy politely and on budget. We are already in a rather complicated situation. So we recommend families to work on a plan that is related to both hurricanes and earthquakes, without leaving out the management of Covid, “he concluded.

For more information, questions, complaints and confidences, you can visit the website or call 787-722-7555.

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