June 14, 2021

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US Democrats’ attempt to modify the economic stimulus plan fails

Democratic leader Steny Hoyer (i) was registered this Thursday, during a press conference, along with the Democratic representative for Michigan, Debbie Dingell (2d), and the Democratic representative for Virginia, Don Beyer (R), at the headquarters of the Capitol, in Washington DC (USA). Photo; EFE / Michael Reynolds

WASHINGTON – Republicans in the Lower House of the United States (USA) blocked on Thursday the attempt by Democrats to modify the stimulus plan of 900,000 million dollars, approved in Congress, after the US President, Donald Trump , will threaten to block it if there are no changes.

Legislators met at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, Christmas Eve, and unsuccessfully tried to unanimously pass a change to the bill that passed both houses on Monday.

Specifically, Democrats wanted to increase the direct payments that millions of taxpayers will receive from $ 600 to $ 2,000 after Trump demanded that increase on Tuesday, in a request that breaks with the position of his party.

Paradoxically, Trump and the Democrats agree to increase the direct payments that individuals with an income of less than $ 75,000 per year will receive; But the Republicans in Congress oppose that request because traditionally the party has advocated fiscal discipline and control of public spending.

Democrats have taken advantage of the division between the president and Republican leaders in Congress to call for increased direct aid to Americans.

“Today, on Christmas Eve morning, House Republicans cruelly left the American people without the $ 2,000 that the President had agreed to support,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. Highest-ranking Democrat in Washington.

The bailout is part of a broader package of federal spending, known as an omnibus, for a total value of $ 2.3 trillion, of which $ 1.4 trillion is to fund the Administration through September 2021.

Congress has taken advantage of that spending proposal to include measures that have nothing to do with the US economy, such as foreign aid to several countries, an issue on which the president has also expressed discomfort.

Following Trump’s request, Republicans today tried to reduce the amount of foreign aid included in the bill, but their attempts were blocked by Democrats.

It is not clear what will be the next steps that the president and legislators of both parties will take after their proposals to modify the stimulus plan failed today.

If Trump does not sign the spending bill before the night of Monday the 28th, the funds for the Administration will be exhausted and it will go into partial paralysis from Tuesday the 29th, something that has not happened for two years.

Furthermore, if the president does not ratify the stimulus plan, the impact on life and the US economy could be enormous.

This Saturday unemployment benefits for 14 million Americans are finished and, at the end of this month, a rule that has prevented 30 million people from being evicted expires.

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