June 15, 2021

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Vaccination against COVID-19 begins in Aegis

Today the vaccination against COVID-19 of older adults begins in the country’s aegis, reported the Department of Health.

The process will be carried out by a team of soldiers from the Puerto Rico National Guard, it was said.

The initiative, which is projected to culminate in March, will serve 178 aegis throughout the island, specifically 75 centers in the north, 37 in the east, 36 in the south and 30 in the west. The aegis are not part of the federal program that serves long-term care centers in the states and territories, Salud mentioned.

“Our older adults are important and we are not going to rest until each one is vaccinated. We would like to see you all at the same time, but the amount of vaccine available is limited. So we are distributing the vaccine equitably and taking into consideration the population density and the incidence of positive results. Today we begin the first aegis and we hope that the amount of vaccines we receive will be tripled to increase our vaccination efforts, ”said Health Secretary Carlos Mellado López in written statements.

For his part, the general adjutant José Reyes established that in order to comply with the vaccination in the aegis, the National Guard divided the distribution and administration of the vaccine in the four cardinal points through the Task force North South East and west.

“In this way, our soldiers will be able to reach all the identified aegis and achieve the vaccination of their residents, while Walgreens will be able to dedicate itself to long-term care centers and those other aegis that have already contacted or started the process,” said Reyes.

On the other hand, Health continues its vaccination efforts to attend to the participants in the centers for intellectual disability, whose number is already around 631 vaccinated, and to bedridden patients, of which 532 have been treated.

In parallel, the vaccination of health professionals, emergency responders, teachers and the elderly population continues.

To date, 339,000 vaccines have been distributed in Puerto Rico, Salud said.

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