May 15, 2021

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Vega Baja agent celebrates having overcome the coronavirus

A new recovery added to the cases of patients relieved of coronavirus in Puerto Rico. This is agent José Sánchez Díaz, who yesterday was discharged from the Wilma N. Vázquez Hospital in the middle of a celebration.

Clinical, administrative and support staff stopped their work to fire and applaud Sánchez Díaz, who overcame COVID-19 after being hospitalized for 18 days.

The emotional moment was full of happiness when sirens and horns were heard amid the applause of hospital employees and members of the Puerto Rico Police.

Sánchez Díaz , who has been in the Uniformed for 21 years, works in the Firearms Warehouse Division at the General Headquarters. Three of his brothers are also policemen.

“I will take them in my heart and I will never forget them… (I am) more than grateful for the treatment, I felt that I was at home and I really did not know he is going to forget " Sánchez Díaz commented excitedly in his farewell.

In addition, he exhorted all citizens to " take the coronavirus seriously. I who took care of myself until the last it touched me, but thanks to that God who is in heaven I was able to move on, and thanks to the wonderful staff who work in this hospital, "added the agent who lives in Vega Baja. [19659002] José Orlando Pabón, president of the Board of Directors of the hospital, for his part, also thanked the medical and health team "because we were able to make you win that battle against COVID."

Meanwhile, Dr. Milagros Torres, Institutional Medical Director, explained that Sánchez Díaz overcame one of the most acute stages that a patient can go through.

She indicated that he is “a patient who was administered plasma. In addition, he was in the retroviral remdesivir, they are new products, which gave good results. He left us in respiratory distress, he was in one of the most acute stages that a patient can go through ”.

In turn, he thanked the care team, doctors, specialists at the Wilma N. Vázquez Hospital who were in the care of the agent and who today celebrates his recovery.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the hospital established an innovative COVID Unit, separate from the regular Emergency Room, to provide the specialized services that these patients need, without those who come to receive emergency services due to other conditions are affected.

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