May 12, 2021

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Vehicle is hit by a bullet in Ponce

The driver and the passenger were unharmed

Ponce – As reported by the Police, detonations were reported at noon today, on Highway 123 intersection with Highway 9 in Ponce.

According to the police report, alleged the plaintiff Edgardo Gilbe, who was driving his Toyota motor vehicle, model RAV 4 of the year 2001, the color of wine on highway 123.

Upon reaching the exit to Highway 9, he heard a firearm detonation.

It was reported that his vehicle was hit by a bullet, in the rear door on the left side.

At the time of the incident, the complainant and Patricia Toro, who was a passenger, were unharmed.

The complaint was initially investigated by agent Morales of the Ponce Oeste Precinct and referred to the Ponce Criminal Investigation Corps, where agent Hylsa Torres will be in charge of the corresponding investigation.

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