May 11, 2021

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Vehicles of the Wanda Vázquez campaign were paid for with citizen contributions

The governor Wanda Vázquez Garced said today that the fleet of compact vehicles with propaganda alluding to her political campaign was paid for with contributions from citizens who want to cooperate with their aspirations.

"Like everyone else he knows all the parties and all the candidates collect their money. People voluntarily contribute with those monies … we have obtained those vehicles and like every official who is a candidate we will report it in all reports, "said the first executive.

" People call, call and call that they want to cooperate and I think that That is the response of the people and we do it, right, so that people always have knowledge of the vehicles of the campaigns, "she said, to be interrupted by Senator Nelson Cruz, who said that the cars" are very nice. "[19659006] Without giving further details, Vázquez Garced confirmed that the campaign's collections have increased.

The governor's expressions occurred during a brief and hasty meeting with the press when she arrived at the inauguration of her campaign committee in Roosevelt Avenue, in San Juan. There he shared with a group of followers who gathered at the place he called “the people's house.”

Yesterday, images of the vehicle fleet that was part of the political caravan came out. The cars have the phrase “Wanda, Governor 2020” on the sticker, as well as the campaign slogan “Let's make a difference.”

He argued that the support of the citizens throughout the caravan's trajectory was spectacular, which “ it gives me a greater sense of responsibility to continue working for my people and for the working class. ”

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