February 24, 2021

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Veterans on a new mission

The purpose is to serve, but also, to live the experience of feeling useful to society.

The non-profit foundation The Mission Continues, chapter of Puerto Rico, began its work on the Island in 2018 after the ravages caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. Since then, it has been an effort for volunteers that makes them feel full of interest in helping communities in general.

“The mission is to help veterans who, even though they have already left the army, we can see how they still need and want to work in society, in the communities, continue helping the homeland, "said Elizabeth Martínez González, leader along with José Cruz of the entity in Puerto Rico . "It is being able to give our grain of sand when there is an emergency, a need, helping in tasks to impact children, whoever needs it," added the veteran, who served the Puerto Rico National Guard from 2000 to 2014. [19659004] Volunteering includes having attended sectors affected by earthquakes this year. "With the earthquakes we have been impacting the southern area. In January, February and March we bought the supplies and then we left and distributed them in certain places in the area, "he revealed with pride about the entity, which originated in Missouri.

During the pandemic due to the health crisis caused by COVID -19, there has also been a commitment to reach out. Recent missions include distributing food to those in need.

His duties include distributing food in Yauco, San Germán and San Juan.

"We called non-profit organizations to help and we learned that Caribbean Produce was supplying the frozen wagons with food, and we decided to go and logistically help to lower the merchandise and distribute it to the people," he explained. "We made two in Yauco, civilians," he specified. "On the 22nd and 23rd of this month we did it, but only for veterans, one in San Germán and the other was in San Juan, donated food that we distributed," added the foundation's leader, who announced that they are also working on the concept bringing home gardens to various communities.

Working in home gardens is part of the non-profit entity's agenda.

In addition, he emphasized the interest of providing labor assistance for other functions that have included painting schools, murals and fields for the enjoyment of students, as well as planting trees and cleaning beaches, among so many others.

Martínez highlighted the value of the foundation for its members. "There is a stigma that veterans have gone to war and when we return we are a nuisance to society because we have mental problems, we have pstd (post traumatic stress disorder), we have a number of things, and this program helps change that mentality of how they see us ”, he affirmed. "Also, it helps to improve the state of mind, it helps to deal with the mental health situation of our veterans, to the union with their families because family members can also belong to the foundation," he said.

To request More information about the entity, you can write to [email protected] or [email protected]. Those interested in sending their donation can do so through missioncontinues.org/donate .

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