June 14, 2021

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Veterans will be vaccinated against Covid-19 | government

The Veteran’s attorney, Agustín Montañez Allman, received notification from the Veterans Hospital that phase 1-B of the vaccination against Covid-19 will begin, for veterans aged 75 years or more and with other serious health conditions, which are registered for service at that hospital facility.

It also reported that in the Juana Díaz Veteran’s House, an assisted living facility attached to the Veteran’s Attorney’s Office, the population that resides there has already been vaccinated.

Montañez Allman warned that in this phase 1-B of vaccination under the jurisdiction of the federal government, it will be the hospital officials themselves who will call the veterans who already receive their hospital or outpatient health services, to the phone that they keep registered, to assign them day and time for the procedure.

The former prosecutor stressed that veterans who come to receive services at the Veterans Hospital do not have to do any management or appear there. Just wait to receive the appointment for your vaccination by phone call. In addition to starting with patients 75 years of age or older, it will include those receiving hemodialysis, transplant, or on-call for transplants, those receiving chemotherapy (regardless of age), and homeless veterans. (More information: https://www.va.gov/health-care/covid-19-vaccine/.)

Instead, he said that the rest of the veteran community that does not receive medical services at that facility will receive the vaccine through the protocols established by the Puerto Rico Department of Health.

“I want to be very precise and very emphatic. Nobody has to run anywhere. The hospital will assign the day and time of their vaccination to veterans who are already receiving their services. The rest of the veterans who do not go to that hospital will follow the protocol established for the general public by Health, calling to coordinate their vaccination appointments with the selected providers, ”said Montañez Allman.

He recalled that the Department of Health published a list of health providers with the telephone numbers to which the elderly or relatives could contact to receive information and make an appointment and separate. The intention of Health, it was explained, is for citizens to know which are the centers where they can go to be vaccinated, to communicate to separate a shift and avoid lines of older adults.

Meanwhile, he stressed that older adults will not be vaccinated in the regional vaccination centers of the National Guard, separate facilities so far for the remainder of health professionals in phase 1-A and front-line workers in phase 1-B. Salud called on older adults not to go to these centers.

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