August 4, 2021

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Victoria Ciudadana presents its government platform

photo: Cybernews

San Juan – The Citizen Victory Movement presents its government platform “Citizen Victory!” ahead of the elections on November 3, 2020.

It was approved on October 4 through a virtual National Assembly, where the members of the movement were able to participate and approve it in a democratic manner.

“Since its inception, Victoria Ciudadana has distinguished itself as a participatory movement, where the grassroots collaborate in the decision-making process. The approval of our government plan was no exception. I am extremely excited about the program that is being presented to the country, ”said Alexandra Lúgaro, candidate for governor for the MVC.

On September 8, 2019, MVC in its first National Assembly chose, together with its bases, its organizational structure that is called “Network of Networks” and is distinguished by a plurality of knowledge and knowledge networks.

For the writing of the program that is presented today, the Network of Networks counted, presented different proposals, which were evaluated in the bases and then approved in the virtual Assembly.

The government platform was drawn up over eight months of work by experts in each of the 18 issues it deals with, along with dozens of community leaders, teachers, trade unionists, environmentalists, feminists and members of various human rights movements .

Some of the approved proposals are aimed at: fighting corruption with an open government, executing an economic strategy based on sustainable human development and substantively transforming education, democratizing and decentralizing the system.

“The government platform adopted by the Assembly distinguishes us from any other electoral political group. Over 200 people participated in the drafting process of the program, which presents a coherent model with goals, objectives and concrete actions for the fiscal and social recovery of the country. Our program is a living representation of the type of governance that under our administration we will have with actions taken based on knowledge and participatory and democratic processes ”, concluded Lúgaro.

The approved document is available on the website:

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