January 26, 2021

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Victoria Ciudadana submits new suspected cases of double voting

The electoral commissioner of the MVC stated that there are more cases of double voting that they are verifying

photo: Cybernews

San Juan – After the Thanksgiving break, the work of the general scrutiny process was resumed, however, the electoral commissioner of the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC), Olvin Valentín explained this Friday that he submitted six suspected cases of double voting.

“Today there are six of us, when I went to the secretariat here it was not open. What I did was prepare all the files. There are still cases that are being investigated but, I told the officials to have all the certainty and all the corresponding documentation at the time of filing that we have all the complete files as soon as possible, ”Valentín said to questions from the press.

He explained that there are around 20 cases of double voting that they are verifying.

The MVC’s allegation states that the six people appear on early voting lists and signatures appear in the face-to-face vote.

Regarding the scrutiny, Valentín said that the State Elections Commission (CEE) needs a new reform.

“The State Elections Commission certainly needs a complete overhaul. It is an institution that is highly politicized; the level of control that the party in power has in all offices is evident, even with the new reform the balance it creates is only two parties. There is a need for a comprehensive reform not only of the laws, but also of the entire structure of the State Elections Commission ”, he denounced.

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