May 11, 2021

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Vieques suffers slight impacts with Isaías

Sectors without electricity, problems with telephone service, four fallen trees on highways and a bridge affected by the tide is the preliminary balance of the tropical storm Isaías on the island municipality of Vieques reported its mayor Víctor Emeric .

Isaías walks away but leaves us with winds and rains

The mayor said that municipal brigades rushed out from the early hours to examine the impact of the phenomenon on the municipality , but explained that there was no strong impact.

"In Vieques it has not rained so much, there has not been much wind," said the mayor.

On the bridge affected by the tide, that photos on social networks partially showed it Under water, Emeric said that the bridge, located in the Esperanza sector, was not lost, but is a type of structure that can be reassembled “like a children's game.”

“That dock is not well anchored, and it is not well anchored because the work was interrupted by internal situations, "said the mayor. Then he added that there is a judicial lawsuit over that infrastructure work. “The tidal wave pulled the dock from where it was. We have the pieces stored so that after the hurricane season is over, they will put it back, "he said.

Regarding the electrical service, Emeric said that early in the day" there was a big blackout "but at the time of the interview , noon today Thursday, understood that almost all sectors of the municipality already had electricity. In his particular case, when he arrived at his house for lunch after spending hours touring the municipality, he said that there was no electricity service, but at the time of the interview, service had been restored. He explained during the telephone interview with Primera Hora that this was the first call he received in an hour and attributed it to energy problems.

He added that there were no floods and that the refuge enabled in a school was closed since last night because no one went to find temporary shelter.

About the fallen trees on state highways, the mayor said that there were only four and that they had already been removed by personnel from the Municipality.

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