April 19, 2021

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Vietnamese pigs invade Fajardo communities

The mayor of the Autonomous Municipality of Fajardo, José Aníbal Meléndez Méndez, reported that he established a collaborative agreement with the Federal Department of Agriculture (USDA) to collect the Vietnamese pigs that have invaded some communities in the town. The agreement contains several phases and they have already completed the first.

Meléndez Méndez, explained that the municipality reacted to the problem of some residents in whose communities live, a few months ago, Vietnamese pigs. “We had complaints from residents who had daily problems with pigs turning their garbage cans, there were also pigs in the Hima Hospital area, we were looking for alternatives to resolve the situation permanently,” said the mayor.

As specified by the mayor, the agreement with USDA has several stages. The municipality is responsible for identifying the places and communities where the animals are. For this, a census was worked that has already been completed, originally they identified 140 pigs. For their part, USDA staff is responsible for capturing the animals.

These animals roam the communities of Quebrada Vueltas, Media Luna, Veve Calzada and Hospital Hima. Meléndez Méndez, said that they have already carried out a first collection of pigs. He explained that they placed cages with food in the areas where the pigs were walking and that way they were able to capture them.

This first group of pigs is under the custody of USDA, this group of animals will be undergoing tests to determine if they are carriers of any disease. After these tests are completed, the animals will be euthanized.

The mayor said that, after this first collection, which is the group of animals that will be analyzed, they will make another phase that includes more capture of pigs. These will also be euthanized and will be buried in the garbage dump of the town, for this, Meléndez Méndez specified that all necessary permits have been obtained.

The mayor added that they are now waiting for citizen collaboration and asks residents who still see these animals on their streets to call the municipality at 787.863.4013 to be included and be able to capture them.

It should be noted that, according to the information provided, these pigs arrived on the island and were sold as pets as they were identified as dwarf pigs, which subsequently did not work and the pigs grew. The meat of these animals is not edible for humans.

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