April 23, 2021

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Villalba will establish a free Internet access center for students

Given the circumstances that the delivery of computers to students by the Department of Education did not include Internet access, the municipality and Mayor Luis Javier Hernández Ortiz announced that a mega cyber center will be established during the next week.

According to Hernández Ortiz, said center that will be located in the Héctor Papo Díaz recreational area in the La Pulga sector will be for quick access to the Internet for students who have the need.

The mayor stressed that it will be established in that place since it is an open space which helps the service to be provided by taking social distancing measures.

Similarly, he said that the recreational area has ample parking and has a covered space in which students can have free access to the internet and will have their tables and chairs so that they can locate themselves.

“We make a claim to the Department of Education to solve the problems of students and access to a good education. Distance education has resulted in a distancing from education for students, especially those who live in distant areas of the mountain, those students with limited resources, ”said the vice president of the associate mayors.

According to Hernández Ortiz, online education is a limitation for those students who do not have the resources and that is why we urgently call the Secretary of the Department of Education to use available federal funds to be able to provide access Internet to all students alike.

Hernández Ortiz has been vocal in raising concern in online education and has described it as a failure for the educational agency since the onset of the earthquakes.

“The academic lag of our students from the public mainstream has been dramatic since the earthquakes from January to now. There has already been a lost semester and due to inaction and negligence of the Department and the secretary, we are headed to lose another academic semester. We hope that action will be taken on the matter and that the billions allocated to work on the educational issue in the midst of the pandemic will be used and once and for all take the needs of education first, ”said the municipal executive.

The mayor added that “education for our children and youth is a constitutional right and that access to education should be the first priority of this government.”

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