February 27, 2021

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Villalbeña family bewildered by the murder of a young mother

It was 11:00 pm last Tuesday, when Don Domingo Torres received a phone call that shook his entire family.

His granddaughter, Nashaly Cristina Torres Vargas, 22, had been shot to death in front of a bakery on the PR-151 highway in the Pulga neighborhood in Villalba, then she was stalked while driving her vehicle until she reached that place.

Torres, who is the paternal grandfather of the unfortunate woman, whose crime leaves a four-year-old child orphaned, is a retired agent after working for 25 years in the Criminal Investigation Corps of the State Police.

“I went crazy when they told me. It surprised us in such a way that we were dismayed “, confessed the visibly dismayed grandfather, because he never thought of experiencing a murder of this nature in his own flesh.

Above all, because Torres Vargas was a young mother who lived to work for her little son, who called her “my love.”

“She was a very good girl… the people who came here and they loved that she served them. She was a good worker, a good employee. Since she was little she was the same as my son, her father, very humble, “said Torres, owner of the business where Nashaly Cristina worked as a waitress, precisely motivated by her grandfather since she became a mother. single.

“She wanted to continue studying, but we put her to work to help herself, and she was always looking out for the little boy. She loved working here because even though she made her little money with tips and stuff, but she helped herself for the baby. Everything was to buy the baby, “he said.

Although the crime is under investigation by the Police, which does not present a clear motive for why they took the life of the youngest daughter of a former Villalba municipal police officer, her grandfather mentioned that the girl told about two or three months ago that she had a boyfriend and he wanted to get married.

“She told me that she had a boyfriend in El Romero and that she was thinking of getting married and I was always advising, ‘Look, you have a son, you have to think about your son, see what you are going to do, you have to investigate well what kind of person is because I don’t know him. ‘ But neither did he ever tell his father who he was… it’s that very young girls don’t investigate what kind of person he is, ”she said.

“But we, as we have experience, because I told him, ‘Look, check carefully what kind of person your boyfriend is. And she told me ‘no, if they are good people, they are good people’, nobody knows. The only thing she told us is that the boyfriend and that he works in the United States, that he goes there to work, what does he work for? Well, I work in the field, what do I know? That’s what she said, but she didn’t say anything else, “he added.

Meanwhile, this young woman’s family continued to approach her grandparents’ home, but they preferred not to comment because “it is too much pain.”

However, one of the cousins ​​who did not want to identify herself, pointed out that the murdered young woman did not appear to have enemies and that her biggest dream was to establish her own business.

“She was a hard worker, every weekend she came here to work to earn her little money and be able to support her son, but there are always people… there is evil in the world. She had no enmity, that was something very unexpected, “she said.

“I will always remember her very pretty smile. She always wanted to have her own business, she loved business and in fact, my uncle who is the one who runs the business always entrusted her with all the chores, ”he said.

Meanwhile, Nashaly’s mother avoided talking about what happened and limited herself to advising the young women to “take care of themselves”, like her father-in-law Domingo, who insisted that women should investigate anyone interested in approaching their lives.

“I am always advising girls, friends, neighbors, who have to know well the individual with whom they share, that they have to investigate, if they do not know, ask, so that they find out well with what kind of person they are dating. Because there are girls who know a guy and maybe she’s an addict, and those people have an ability to talk to them that when they find out they fall. entangle with the problem, “he stressed.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Villalba, Luis Javier Hernández Ortiz, mourned the loss of Torres Vargas, who came from a very dear family in the town.

“It takes us all by surprise, Villalba is a quiet town because somehow, the crime rates in our city have always been the lowest in the area and murders, we are not used to this happening,” said Hernández Ortiz.

“My first reaction is that you have to give spiritual strength to this family. She dies in front of a bakery, precisely at the intersection to her home and her vehicle has more than 50 bullet wounds, so the people who were chasing that is what is alleged so far, were doing it under stalking to be able to intercept her and vilely murder her ”, he condemned.

For his part, the director of the Ponce Criminal Investigation Corps, Joel González, stressed that the bullets directed at the vehicle that Nashaly Cristina was driving were of different calibers.

“The large concentration of shells were recovered around the vehicle, there are others on the road, we do not know if they are from the trajectory the vehicle came from, if they are later. It is premature to establish a motive, that is why we urge the public to cooperate with us in a confidential manner at 343-2020, ”said the director of the Ponce CIC.

The authorities used for analysis several videos of business security cameras from the urban area to the vicinity of the bakery.

According to official statistics from the Puerto Rico Police Bureau, so far this year 30 women and two minors have been murdered.

Meanwhile, the commissioner of the Bureau of Forensic Sciences, María Conte, reported that the process of identification and autopsy of Nashaly Cristina has already been completed.

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