April 16, 2021

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Virtual driver’s license released in Cesco Digital application | government

The Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP), Carlos M. Contreras Aponte, and the main executive of Innovation and Information of the Government of Puerto Rico (PRITS, for its acronym in English), Glorimar Ripoll Balet, announced today the new update of the Cesco Digital application, as well as the release of Cesco Digital Web (cescodigital.dtop.pr.gov) with new features for the benefit of drivers and owners of motor vehicles.

Available for free for phones with iOS and Android operating systems, Cesco Digital allows citizens to carry out countless steps from the comfort of their cell phone, which, previously, could only be done by personally visiting a Driver Services Center ( Cesco) or a collection office of the Department of the Treasury.

“In this new update, we have included the Cesco Appointments functionality, so that citizens can make appointments to visit one of the 14 Cesco around the entire Island, from the same mobile application. In this way, people who need to carry out some management in Cesco have more alternatives, since they can make their appointment by accessing the page cesco.turnospr.com or, in this case, through the Cesco Digital application, “said Contreras.

The secretary recalled that “Cesco Citas’ program, through TurnosPR, began more than a year ago, dramatically reducing the time to complete transactions related to licenses and identifications, both regular and Real ID. However, after the impact of Covid-19 and the need to further streamline the system, of course, within a safe environment for employees and visitors, we include 100% of transactions, so that citizens can make transfers, registrations, renewals, among others, without worries and without lines “.

In addition to the new design and functionalities such as making appointments from the application itself, Cesco Digital launches the virtual driver’s license. This tool constitutes the first step, pending the approval of legislation for these purposes, of a license that resides in the drivers’ mobile phone, with all the security elements and the validity of the physical license.

The license is accessed by pressing the icon that has a silhouette at the top right of the screen. It is displayed in its entirety and, when touched with your finger, it shows the driver’s data, such as license number, date of birth and expiration date.

Ripoll Balet, for its part, stated that “the innovation agenda of the government of Puerto Rico has continued its development by offering modern digital services and experiences for the direct benefit of our citizens, in this case, through the Cesco Digital mobile application and its new web version. The virtual driver’s license positions Puerto Rico as an advanced jurisdiction that began an important technological transformation of driver services in 2018, with tangible results that have made life easier for Puerto Ricans. The virtual license is the prelude to other functionalities in which PRITS continues to work in direct collaboration with DTOP.

The new version of Cesco Digital, available for free both in the Apple AppStore, for iPhone devices, and in Google Play for devices with Android operating system, will allow users to report errors in the application, access the list of Centers Driver Services Department (Cesco) with their hours and location, receive important notifications and download your driver record from your smartphone.

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