January 15, 2021

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Virtual welcome to UPR Río Piedras high schools

Facing the beginning of a new academic year, the Río Piedras campus of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) offered, this time, virtually the traditional orientation activity and welcomed 2,685 new students who had confirmed their admission to the main campus of the UPR.

Some 697 young people entered the Faculty of Natural Sciences and 583 to Business Administration. Meanwhile, the Faculty of Social Sciences received 465; Education to 275; Humanities at 320 and General Studies at 77. On the other hand, in the School of Communication there are 185 new students and in the School of Architecture 83. Of this group, 1,067 come from public schools and 1,567 from private schools, among others. Likewise, of the total number of new students, 60% are female and 39% are male.

Dr. Luis A. Ferrao Delgado rector of the Río Piedras Campus, explained that “the , which lasted several days, for the past two weeks, consisted of providing various orientations in different virtual modalities that had the purpose of guiding them in the new university experience, this taking into account the new reality that the world is experiencing before COVID -19 ”.

“ To the new students that make up our great university family, the warmest welcome in the midst of these exceptional health circumstances that have redefined our reality, with the certainty that it is in them and in they –in our new cockerels and Jerezanas– where hopes are placed for the construction of the Puerto Rico that we all long for, ”added Dr. Ferrao.

In the first instance, the new cockerels and Jerezanas had access to an online orientation course produced by the Dean of Students in collaboration with the Online Education Unit, in order to inform them about all the support services and resources that are available to them even remotely.

The course is accessed through the Moodle platform at online.uprrp.edu and is still available to students until Monday, August 17. At the end of the course, students receive a welcome pack that includes informative material of primary interest and they are given the official t-shirt with the institutional brand.

Likewise, the different faculties and schools conducted orientations and virtual greetings to their students from first year, in which they were able to learn about the academic program they were admitted, important aspects about the curricular sequences, as well as other academic requirements, and extracurricular opportunities.

The day and night classes begin next Monday, August 17.

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