April 13, 2021

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Waffle’s Town arrives in Puerto Rico

With its opening, 25 jobs will be created

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Bayamon – Have you thought about which gelato you want to fill the famous Bubble Waffle’s with? Well get ready, because this month Waffle’s Town opens its doors in Bayamón.

The waffle experts, located in the Caná urbanization, are focused on serving the whole family and becoming the darling of those who want to enjoy a good breakfast or brunch.

Luis Rojas, president of Waffle’s Town, said that for a long time he wanted a business where the whole family enjoys a good time while consuming unique products in the market, and that is the favorite place of children, young and old.

“Our family deserves the best and that is always our goal. In our restaurant we offer unique delicacies. We have Bubble Waffle’s for your breakfast or brunch, “said the businessman, explaining that” we have artisan waffles, including one made from alcapurrias and the other from mofongo. The waffle smells and tastes like alcapurria. On top he carries the meat with two eggs on horseback. The mofongo has literally bits of pork rinds ”.

When elaborating on the rich menu, Rojas added that the alcapurria waffle can be topped with a delicious house chicken and egg, and add bacon on the side.

Lovers of hamburgers will also be able to savor the house’s one, which has arugula, gouda cheese and a truffle mayonnaise.

“This is really a delight. And it is accompanied with onion rings. I assure you that your palate will fall in love ”, anticipates the businessman from Bayamón.

You can also select from a variety of toppings for your waffle, including fruit, ice cream, and nutella.

And to keep your mouth watering, imagine the Monster Shake, a “monstrous shake” with frosting, sponge cake, popsicle and topped with a tasty cherry, among other ingredients.

“In Puerto Rico we are lovers of sweets, so this is the ideal place to indulge yourself,” said Rojas, who has the support of his wife in this family business.

One of the goals of this merchant is to use high-quality products in his business; That is why he made agreements with local producers to supply him with food, including farmers.

For products you buy elsewhere, you will go organic.

In fact, gelatos are healthier than ice creams and the place offers some without milk. “Our business is unique because we have products that have not reached the island, including artisan waffles,” he insisted.

Already the Facebook page, Waffle’s Town, has reached 14,000 followers.

And in gratitude for the support of these faithful “outstanding fans”, Rojas announced that there will be a client offer for the opening that will be soon, during the month of March.

“Anyone who is a fan featured on the Facebook platform will have free mimosas and a VIP reservation for the Soft Opening. They must share and comment on the Waffle’s Town page to be one of the lucky ones to participate and win, “he said, anticipating that there will be other prizes for these loyal fans later.

The business, located on SS13 of Avenida 167, next to Mom and Dad Café, will open from Monday to Friday, from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays, from 6:00 am to 10: 00 pm

There will also be delivery through the Doordash and Uber Eats apps.

In addition, you can order and they bring the food to your car.

Rojas reported that they are hiring staff. If you are interested in belonging to the family of
Waffle’s Town can send your resume and phone number to email: [email protected]

In addition to cook / as and dishwasher, waiters are needed, among other places that are available. They will employ about 25 people.

The businessman also informed that there are franchises available and those interested can also
write to: [email protected]

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