January 24, 2021

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Waiting for data from the hurricane-hunting plane | government

The acting director of the Bureau of Emergency Management and Disaster Administration (Nmead), Nino Correa, said that they are waiting for the information from the hurricane-hunting plane before formally announcing plans for the possible arrival of a tropical storm in the coming days. .

Although Governor Wanda Vázquez called the press to a conference when the meeting with the agency heads ended, the one who came out to answer questions from the press was Correa, along with the secretary of the Department of Public Security, Pedro Janer.

It was not specified where the governor is located, who, as indicated, did participate in the meeting with the agency heads.

“She had some commitments. For my part, what I did was ask these bosses to come here, to be able to hold some meetings, and today we had an exercise with FEMA personnel who are giving us support, and what we did was to prepare ourselves a little more, " Correa expressed questions from the press. “The National Meteorological Service is still not clear about the information on this system. We know that water is coming. But we do not want anything in the world to make a comparison with Mary. Yes we are going to have a rain episode and we need the information on the Hurricane Hunter. "

He added that" later in the day the governor told me that she is going to be with us and is going to give us all the information. "[19659006]

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