May 14, 2021

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Walmart Announces It Will Not Open On Thanksgiving

Walmart announced today that it will pay another special cash bonus to store, club, distribution center and fulfillment center associates for their continued contributions and dedication to serving customers, partners and communities during this unprecedented time. The bonus will be $ 300 for hourly associates full-time and $ 150 for hourly associates and part-time temps . Drivers, managers and assistant managers of stores, clubs, distribution centers, health and health and wellness centers will also receive a bonus. All of this will add up to approximately $ 428 million.

"Our associates have been working at an incredible rate, solving problems and setting an amazing example for others," said John Furner, president and CEO of Walmart US, in writing. "To further demonstrate our appreciation for his incredible work, we are pleased to award another special cash bonus this summer," he added.

Associates from the United States and Puerto Rico (with the exception of salaried office associates) employed by the As of July 31, the company will qualify for the bond, which will be paid on August 20 . This is the third special bonus that Walmart has awarded to associates in 2020 totaling $ 1.1 billion so far, in addition to the regular incentive offered quarterly to frontline associates. [19659002] "Since the beginning of this pandemic, I have been proud to see how our associates have come together to take care of each other and our members," said Kathryn McLay, president and CEO of Sam's Club. “These are extraordinary times, and our associates have supported each other in extraordinary ways, and we are very grateful.”

Walmart also announced today that it made the decision to close Walmart stores on Thanksgiving Day, November 26 of this year. Our Sam’s Club stores will also close again this year on this day.

“We know this has been a difficult year, and our associates have stepped forward. We hope you enjoy a special Thanksgiving Day at home with your loved ones, ”said Furner. “We are certainly grateful to our people for all their effort.”

Walmart stores and Sam’s Club locations will operate during normal business hours on Wednesday, November 25 . Information on the store and club hours on Friday, November 27 will be shared at a later date.

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