May 14, 2021

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Walmart Puerto Rico announces call for patio suppliers

Walmart Puerto Rico announces to local suppliers that it opens the call for the Open Call Puerto Rico, which will be held for the third consecutive year. Those interested will have from September 8 to 25 to complete the process and present their manufactured, elaborated or harvested products on the Island to the buyers of their Walmart and Amigo stores. This year the Open Call will take place virtually through the platform

“The Open Call is a great local support program dedicated to creating bridges and opening doors for hundreds of companies established here to sell their products in our stores. This initiative seeks to support the purchases of products manufactured, elaborated or cultivated on the Island, which results in the stimulation of commercial activity and the creation of jobs that the economy so badly needs, ”said Viviana Mercado, senior manager of Corporate Affairs. Walmart Puerto Rico, who indicated that as a result of the two previous editions, the company added more than 45 local suppliers.

“Walmart Puerto Rico continues at a steady pace with this third edition of Open Call Puerto Rico to meet the goal of increasing the sales of products from Puerto Rico suppliers by an additional $ 20 million by 2023. In this way, we promote socioeconomic development. of the Island and we strengthen the well-being of the communities, ”said Jenniffer Garland, senior director of Walmart Puerto Rico, who added that currently, 80% of the products in the gondola are manufactured, elaborated, harvested and distributed by local suppliers.

“We encourage local businesses to take advantage of this opportunity to become our suppliers. At Walmart, we continue to focus on acquiring more products that are produced on the island to expand the variety of items we offer in our stores or substitute imports, since the growth of local businesses has a multiplying effect on the economic development of the Port Rico, ”Garland concluded.

Currently, Walmart invests $ 1.6 billion in annual purchases from around 200 suppliers, distributors and companies located in Puerto Rico.

Individual virtual meetings with buyers from Walmart and Amigo stores to present products and negotiate contracts will be on October 28 and 29.

Suppliers interested in participating in the Open Call Puerto Rico 2020, can access to register or know the requirements to participate. They can also request additional information or send questions to [email protected]

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