March 5, 2021

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Wanda Rolón on Charlie Delgado: "He asked for prayer and that's what we did"

The apostle Wanda Rolón clarified in her social networks that the video in which she is observed praying together with the candidate for the government for the PPD Carlos Delgado Altieri was not necessarily an endorsement.

In a live broadcast, the Religious leader said Delgado Altier had asked for a prayer and she granted the request.


Posted by Apostle Wanda Rolón on Friday, July 17, 2020

"Prayer is not denied to anyone and this gentleman and this brother […] asked for prayer . He did not ask for the endorsement. He did not ask that we vote for him, much less, "Rolón said during the transmission.

After clarifying the event, the apostle took the opportunity to address the other candidate for governor Eduardo Bhatia, who had expressed that Rolón is the godmother of hatred for his positions against the LGBT community, after the meeting was made public.

"When I can, I will speak in favor of unborn children and those who are being thrown out with men being men and prefer other sexual behavior. […] I am not going to support or endorse that anti-biblical agenda, "he said.

Rolón also hinted at the different projects that he has supported Bhatia in favor of gender perspective.

"I godmother of nothing, but I am a defender sora of everything that the scripture says, "he rejoined directly towards the senator.

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