May 14, 2021

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Wanda Vázquez assures that the government will make the "necessary savings" to pay the Christmas bonus

Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced said today that if, as projected, the budget certified by the Fiscal Oversight Board (JSF) does not contain the funds for the payment of the Christmas Bonus, they will the savings necessary to ensure that each public employee receives the benefit during this fiscal year.

“If you do not have the bonus, we will work making the appropriate savings so that public employees have the Christmas Bonus "He assured by saying that he has not yet received the document for its analysis and to make the pertinent proposals.

The consolidated budget of the Government certified by the JSF increased by 10%, from $ 20.2 billion in fiscal year 2020 to a total of $ 22,200 million in fiscal year 2021. Meanwhile, the budget from the General Fund will be around $ 10,045 million, which is an increase of 5% in relation to spending in the previous fiscal year.

He expressed about the Remuneration and Classification Program for public servants, for which the funds were not identified either in the version approved by the federal entity. "The remuneration is very important and we are going to work on it … that all the people of Puerto Rico and all the servants know that the government, this governor submitted a rigorous remuneration plan, prepared in a very responsible way, that there was no reason to avoid it

The proposal, outlined by Vázquez Garced in his Budget and Situation Message, was included in the budget submitted by the Executive and required an allocation of $ 62 million for its implementation as of October and between 100% of public servants.

The budget version approved by the House of Representatives and which had the approval of the JSF, included the salary adjustment program, but to start in January of next year and only between 70% of workers. Both chambers were unable to reach an agreement on this and other matters, so the federal entity certified their proposal.

"We will continue fighting it because that is part of a labor reform that all the people heard and that it is important to implement, without the compensation plan you cannot implement the labor reform, "he insisted.

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