April 17, 2021

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Wanda Vázquez attributes political motivations to those referred for the purchase of COVID-19 evidence

Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced said Monday that those referring to state and federal agencies of public officials and members of the medical team included in the second partial report of the investigation carried out by the Health Commission of the House of Representatives on government purchases under emergency by COVID-19 are motivated by political interests with the sole intention of harming their figure.

I have no doubt that it has to be related to politics because there is no other . For wanting to harm me, they harm the people of Puerto Rico and I call on the people to be very aware of those who are going to throw away that report… because they do great harm to Puerto Rico, ”he said today. when approached on the subject.

The document must be put to a vote before the plenary session of the House for its approval.

It was described as a "tragedy" that one wants to tarnish reputations of " upright officials, officials who have dedicated their lives to public service, officials who have had a history of public service. "

" They have even included doctors who have selflessly helped these people and have helped me protect the life of all Puerto Ricans. For me it is a tragedy, "he said in reference to Dr. Segundo Rodríguez Quilichini a member of the medical advisory group and president of the Medical Sciences Campus, which was also mentioned in the aforementioned. Other people mentioned are the director of the Office of Management and Budget (OGP), Iris Santos; Alfonso Rossy, Assistant Secretary of Accounting of the Department of the Treasury; the Secretary of the Interior, Antonio Pabón; the Undersecretary of the Interior, Lillian Sánchez and the former official of the Department of Health, Mabel Cabeza.

Guarina Delgado, former assistant to the Commissioner for Emergency Management, José Burgos; Ottmar Chávez, former General Services Administrator; the attorney for Apex General Contractors, Juan Maldonado; Roberto Rodríguez López, president of Apex, and Ricardo Vázquez, president of 313 LLC.

The majority of the New Progressive Party (PNP) in the Chamber has made public its support for the figure of the primarista opponent of Vázquez Garced, Pedro Pierluisi, for the candidacy for the government. Meanwhile, in the Senate there is talk of an alliance between the president of that body, Thomas Rivera Schatz, and the first executive. This scenario has caused differences between both houses in the approval of legislative measures.

Vázquez Garced said that he has no official knowledge of any referral and that he only knows what has been publicly disclosed. "What we did have is information that has been leaked in an irresponsible way, in a very sad way" he pointed out when insisting that "it is a tragedy".

When approached about if the findings of mismanagement in the acquisition of equipment for the emergency were not a tragedy, he replied that it is certainly “incorrect.”

He indicated that analysts who were aware of the Chamber's public hearing process have maintained that “no there was evidence ”that could lead to referrals. "I hope that it is a report with the evidence, that it is conclusive, that it is not intended to harm, because it would truly be a tragedy for Puerto Rico," he concluded.

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