June 12, 2021

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Wanda Vázquez leaves the government “satisfied” with her work

Wanda Vázquez officially left the government of Puerto Rico “satisfied” with her work during the past year and a half.

Upon his arrival on Saturday to the inauguration of his replacement, Pedro Pierluisi, the outgoing governor said that since taking office he dedicated himself to leaving “a government run with funds acquired for the benefit of the Puerto Rican people.”

“To the Puerto Rican people, keep going, we are resilient, now with the COVID vaccine we are going to move forward and be able to recover everything that has been lost. Above all, the life and security of all Puerto Ricans is for me, as always, the most important thing, ”he said in a few words.

Vázquez attended Pierluisi’s position, accompanied by her husband, Judge Jorge Díaz Reverón. He was wearing an old pink suit and jacket set by designer Marcos Carranza.

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