November 23, 2020

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Wanda Vázquez says that the appearance of missing tablets in La Fortaleza corroborates the complaint

The governor Wanda Vázquez Garced said today that the delivery of part of the articles reported missing by the property manager in La Fortaleza José Candelaria Santos, corroborates the information contained in the complaint filed with the authorities.

“Corroborates what I have said. There was a property that is not there, it is not in Fortaleza and they are properties bought with public funds and, if they are bought with public funds, the people of Puerto Rico need to know where that property is and that it be returned ”be addressed during a press conference where he announced the start – almost three years after Hurricane Maria – of the construction of the first home under the federal program of Repair, Reconstruction or Relocation (R3).

Today it emerged that a woman, Identified as the girlfriend of the former chief information officer of the government (CIO) Luis Arocho he gave La Fortaleza two of the iPad tablets that were reported missing in the executive mansion along with 24 other articles that, in total, were valued at $ 14,729.45.

“That version corroborates this governor that those tablets were not in Fortaleza when I arrived. Now what proceeds is that the investigation is done and it is determined where they are (the other articles). It was up to me to do the inventory and before June 30 submit the report and that was what we did "she said.

She ruled out that the delivery of the electronic equipment would put her word in" doubt "and insisted that she it was not part of the transition process after Ricardo Rosselló left the governorship.

“I did not say that he took it. I don't know who took them. What I can say is that that property was not in Fortaleza when I arrived and who could explain that, well, the people who were before me "he insisted.

So far, no two iPads have appeared additional, as well as four pencils – also for iPad – valued at $ 596. They also haven't found three 4Moms Breeze Plus brand children's pens, each valued at $ 299; a Zero Gravity massage chair, priced at $ 3,369, and an Aircraft swing at $ 149.99.

The whereabouts of an Apple-brand computer valued at $ 1,949 are also being investigated; an Ava Regency brand white bed worth $ 1,399; a ceiling lamp valued at $ 565; two high chairs for infants to eat, one for $ 319.99 and the other for $ 275, as well as several bed accessories and cables to carry electronic equipment.

Last week, former Governor Rosselló asked the current first executive to clarify the record on the missing property, while rejecting that he or any member of his family has appropriated any of the aforementioned items. Vázquez Garced's primarista opponent, Pedro Pierluisi, who has assumed command of Fortaleza for five days after Rosselló's departure, has similarly expressed himself.

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